Funadamental of Drawings

Drawing is the foundation and first steps of the project, centuries ago it was not considered as art. It is still the foundation of a painting, drawing of architecture, sculptural and design. The drawing at the main base of any project, if the drawing is not corrected you will look deformed or imperfect. The pencil drawing can be corrected and make final changes. There are different ways to measure and made sure the detail is exactly the The grid guide is my favorite method. I can make the drawing larger, smaller or the same size as the original. You have no talent or patience, no matter you can draw without talent or patience.

All you need is practice and training. It’s not the same draw from a photograph than it is to draw reality. Practice allows you to develop your drawing and be able to show the movimient, volumes, weight and excitement in the drawing. What I mean is that drawing a real object is the best practice, it has more vivid color things that we don’t see in a photograph. Your eyes, brain and hand are the only part to train to see, think, and coordination to work as one.

Draw begins

First with a dot (.) You can make a drawing entirely with dots. And dots form a line, ( horizontal, vertical, and angle 30, 45, 60, 90, degrees) cross those line forms a cube, rectangle, curve, and circle. That’s why we need to train our eyes to see the lines and shades in the objects to help us drawing exactly what we see and feel.

These two drawings are made by looking at an animal and a bottle. I did not use the grid guide, it is quick drawing. This method is easy and to improve the measurement of the pencil is used, the pencil is used as a metric tool. You put the pencil in front of your eyes with the tip down. Extend your arm to the front (left or right) put your finger

The widest part of the object is measured first. 
Then you will find how many vecses the measure 
of the wide part in the vertical part of the object. For example, if the wide part measures 1/4 of the pencil and measures vertical (Figure 4) as, using a ruler measures the pugated pencil (6 pugada) 1/4 x 1.5 inch and a half is a quarter. In Figure 4, the total of the vertical part is 7/8 x 5. 1/2 inch.  
You can use centimetres as well.

The video shows the following steps with the rules of thirds (where you divide any on three parts.) and triangles ( where cross line inside the shade) After practicing this steps , little by little can be eliminating as are not necessarily needed any more.

Como usar la Guía de Cuadricula en dibujo.

Como le dije que les iba a explicar del la guía cuadricula

Aquí es mas grande que el Original, por ejemplo si el dibujo se tiene que hacer muy grande por decir en 8 metros de largo. La fotografía es dividida en pulgadas y donde se va a pintar se divide en metros. la mayoría de la veces se necesita para aumentar el tamaño, pocas veces se usa para hacérselo más chico el dibujó.

Have to….I must’ve to do art even if hurst me.

Is a risk on your health.

There’s no limit on art projects the risk you take doesn’t matter, just do it. One that damages your brain is SPRAY PAINT. You can’t say it doesn’t affect you because you used a mask. In the long time it does affect you.

I love spray paint it is a challenge when you expecting something that came to your head. I let it happen naturally all I do use a template. The paint doesn’t mix if is just touch it once with plastic, it turns into marble look. It will blended when you sprayed at 3 feet over the paper, if you want to have a depth in your picture.

Texture I love texting several things and spray over diferente material, fabric, rocks, nail, wood, wire, rope, and screen.there’s so many things that gives you awesome textures.

Other risk is chain saw carving.

The risk is you can cut a finger, leg, or the chain saw kicks back hitting you in the shoulder, head. But you must’ve to do it, that’s something unexplainable. crazy you have to do it because you can, you know and trust in yourself.

I believe oil paint has a risk too. If you don’t have a fan facing outside the room to clean the smell of the turpentine, the fluids mediums, and varnish.


El dibujo es la fundacion del projecto, siglos atras no era considerado como arte. Todavia es la fundacion de una pintura, plano de arqitectura, sculptura y diseño. El dibujo en la base principal de todo projecto, si el dibujo no es correjido tú picnura se mirara desformada o imperfecta. El dibujo al lapiz se puede correjir y hacer cambios finales. Hay deferentes maneras de medir y estar seguro de el detalle es exactamente al original. La guia cuadricula es mi metodo favorito puedo hacer el dibujo de tamaño mas grande, mas pequeño o del mismo tamaño que el del original. No tienes talento ni paciencia , no importa tù puedes dibujar sin talento o paciencia.

Todo lo que necesitas es entrenamiento con mucha practica. No es lo mismo dibujar de una fotografia que dibujar la realidad. La practica te permits desarrollar tu dibujo y poder mostrar el movimient, volumes, peso y emocion en el dibujo. Lo que me refiero es que dibujar un objecto real es la major practica, a los limites con una fotografia. Tus ojos, cerebro y mano es lo unico que tiered que entrenar a ver, Penssar, actuar y communicacion entre las tres partes de tu curepo

Dibujo Empieza
primero es un (.) del punto Biene la (____) la lineas que se Crusan en diferebtes angulos ( /|\ ) formando un cuadrado y la curba asta formar el circulo. El dibujo es la foundation y primer paso para la creation de una orbs de arte.


Estos dos dibujos son hechos viendo un animal y una botella que sprea. No use la guia cuadricula, es dibujo rapido. Este metodo es facil y para mejorar los trazas, es la medida del lapiz, se usa el lapiz como herramienta metrica. Otros usan el dedo gordo de la mano, “¿como? Colocas el lapiz enfrente de tus ojoscon la punta asia abajo. Extiende tu brazo asia el frente (isquierdo o derecho) Sigue las instrucciones en las figuras 1, como sostener el lapiz. asta la fugura 4.

Primero se mide la parte más ancha del objecto.
Después vas a encontrar cuantas vecses ocupa la medida
de la parte ancha en lo vertical del objeto. Por ejemplo, if la parte ancha mide 1/4 del lapiz y mides vertical (figura 4) como, usando una regla mide el lapiz in pugadas ( 6 pugada) 1/4 = 1.5 pulgada y media es un cuarto. En la figura 4 el total de la parte vertical es 7/8 = 5. 1/2 pulgada.
Se puede usar centímetros también.
El video muestra los pasos siguientes con la reglas de tercio y triangular.
Después que practicar varias veces estos pasos poco a poco se eliminan asta no son necesario.


Digital art, it’s a creation from two subjects that made it virtual not real life something created from imagination. Thanks to photoshop and others software that allowed the digital work be done faster at no expense on materials.

Digital Art like photoshop

This is graphics design

Digital Animations
Digital Animation
Drawing on digital is the same as drawing with graphite.