Have to….I must’ve to do art even if hurst me.

Is a risk on your health.

There’s no limit on art projects the risk you take doesn’t matter, just do it. One that damages your brain is SPRAY PAINT. You can’t say it doesn’t affect you because you used a mask. In the long time it does affect you.

I love spray paint it is a challenge when you expecting something that came to your head. I let it happen naturally all I do use a template. The paint doesn’t mix if is just touch it once with plastic, it turns into marble look. It will blended when you sprayed at 3 feet over the paper, if you want to have a depth in your picture.

Texture I love texting several things and spray over diferente material, fabric, rocks, nail, wood, wire, rope, and screen.there’s so many things that gives you awesome textures.

Other risk is chain saw carving.

The risk is you can cut a finger, leg, or the chain saw kicks back hitting you in the shoulder, head. But you must’ve to do it, that’s something unexplainable. crazy you have to do it because you can, you know and trust in yourself.

I believe oil paint has a risk too. If you don’t have a fan facing outside the room to clean the smell of the turpentine, the fluids mediums, and varnish.

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